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MEDIAGATE does not only to produce entertainments by various creators, but to discover and develop new talent as well. At our voice actors training school, our students can actually experience professional dubbing foreign films and animation work. Actors on the front line teach you and after mastering your skill, you can become a qualified expert and contrast with us to become a professional.

Nowadays, even voice actors perform to sing, dance, play on stage, script and screen writing. MEDIAGATE manages our talents from introductory to the professional level.

MediaGate Acting School

As MEDIAGATE has own studio, club for live music, and a small theater, culture centers and workshops take place in-house. There are lots of classes provided to all people.

Our location is easy to access! It only takes a 3 minute walk from Akihabara station. On the 1st floor is a cinema cafe, where you can enjoy not only coffee but communicate with unique people!

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Biz hour:11:00~17:00(weekday)

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